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LOADING STORED PROCEDURES - Create_Requester_Procs_cursor

Missing or Invalid Date on SOP Edit List

The path specified must be an absolute path

There is an error with at lease one vendor record, print the customer/vendor record for details

Bootstrapper Error while installing Dynamics GP 2013

Object reference not set to instance of the object

Why does my computer get stuck?

An exception occurred while trying to load or initialize the addin located at Rtc.

Illegal address for field ‘FICA/Med Add Tax Rate in script ‘941_Generate’

A Get/Change Operation on Table gpAppEnabled cannot find the table

Error registering table GL_Account_MSTR

Batch cannot be posted during year-end close

This batch is being posted by another user

Error - Someone else is closing the year

ERROR: Batch level errors were encountered.

Illegal address for field 'ICR State Employer Account Number

Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack error

DynUtils.exe is Missing


Unknown said...


Can someone help me! I accidently voided a transaction that had a PO# on it, I thought it would had gone back into the Enter/Match Invoices (A/P), but its no there. How can I fix this? I need to re-enter this transaction ASAP!!

Thank you

Dynamics Confessor said...

I need a little more information. Did you enter a vendor invoice using the enter/match invoice feature and then void that invoice using Void Open Transactions in the Payables Management module? After the void, did you try to enter a new invoice using the enter/match invoice feature and the PO receipt was no longer there to match?