Thursday, May 30, 2013

It’s almost here!!! Dexterity in Dallas!


Dexterity training

Come one, come all, we are running the Dexterity class in Dallas the week of June 17th. It runs from Monday, June 17th through Friday, June 21st.

The class is definitely a ‘go’, there will be no last minute cancellations. If you have been disappointed before, you won’t be disappointed again.

This is the Dexterity Fundamentals class. No previous experience with Dexterity is required (or advised). Even if you have no intention of writing the first line of code in the ‘real world’, this class will teach you a ton about what’s going on behind the scenes. You can finally understand what those error messages mean, and how to read that crazy DEXSQL.LOG.

Even better, if you engage a firm to do some custom code for you, you’ll be more adept of evaluating their estimate. But more fun, is you’ll learn some cool things that can drive your users crazy (all in a fun way) Smile.

This class starts with the basics, but by the end of the week you will have created your own integrating application that works seamlessly with GP. How cool is that!

Dex Logo 2

For you Modifier aficionados, Modifier is just a scaled down version of the tool used to design the user interface in Dexterity. Everything you learn about user interface design, you can put in your Modifier toolbox.

Speaking of user interface design, any VSTools programmers will learn how to create a Dexterity interface that can take the place of your WinForms interface. That means your application will be able to work with the new Web client – until your application can work with the new Web client, you’re losing opportunities for more sales. No need to rewrite your code in Dexterity, just hook it to the Dex version of the same events you are using now.

If you’ve got the user interface down, but your code is in VBA, then it’s time to  turn your VBA code into Dexterity code. You’ll be surprised at how easy the transition is. Once you’ve transitioned it to Dexterity, your application will also work with the new Web client.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Dallas is the American Airlines hub, so it’s easy to get here. The class is being held in a nice part of town where you can actually afford the hotels, and lunch is provided.

ConexusSG, is hosting the training. To sign up, call or e-mail Jerry Adams at ConexusSG. Phone: 469-828-3274 or

You can also contact me directly if you have any questions.

email:   phone: 972-814-8550

I hope to see you there!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An exception occurred while trying to load or initialize the addin located at Rtc.

Don’t ya love these error messages?

My friend and fellow MVP, Frank Hamelly posted a question on the GP Forum about getting the above error message after loading a fresh install of SQL2012 and GP2013 on his laptop. Frank had previously had GP2012 running, so it seemed odd that it would not run now. (Welcome to my world Frank Smile)

Anyway, after some basic ‘have you tried this’ responses, Jonathan Fear came to the rescue.

As it turned out, Frank Hamelly had recently done the Live Messenger to Skype conversion and Jonathan Fear  suggested that the removal of the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Rtc.dll should resolve the problem.

Frank Hamelly reported back and said it did indeed solve the problem!

Other programs Jonathan Fear said they had experienced problems with were Shortel Communicator or something similar to Lync.

Here’s the link to the Forum post

Thank you Jonathan for giving us a solution to one of those pesky error messages!

Until next post!

Leslie Vail

The ‘Other List’ is out and I’m in trouble!


Well, the ‘Other List’ was released today, and my name was on it. I fear now that my awesomeness has just taken a critical (if not mortal) hit.


I need help. The clock is ticking. I need to do something awesome enough for Doug Pitcher to overlook the infraction. OR . . . I understand that cash is always an acceptable bribe. Where shall I fax the money? Smile

Fight the good fight Doug, your public awaits your announcement.

Until next post!