Friday, April 1, 2016

The Corrector by Reporting Central

From the folks who brought us The Closer, we now have The Corrector. I spent some time this morning with Gianmarco Salzano and Clark A. Patterson looking at a new product called The Corrector. This new product is very nice, and worth a look if you find yourself needing to correct distributions often. It makes correcting posted AP transactions easy while providing an audit trail for the change.
Let’s say you post some AP transactions, but later realize they were distributed to incorrect GL accounts. With The Corrector, you can simply click on the Correct button and adjust the distribution to point it to the correct account. The correcting journal entry is automatically created and linked to the original transaction.

I thought this made the process of correcting a distribution seamless and provided an audit trail as to what was done and why it was done. It was so much easier than trying to figure out what correcting entry went with which transaction (we’ve all been there at one time or another). It’s a small piece of functionality that makes correcting posting transactions much easier. It doesn’t change the original transaction, it provides a means for you to easily correct the distributions using a correcting journal entry that is linked to the original entry. I liked it.
The price was good and it was very easy to use. Take a look at
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