Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recording a Rebate from a Vendor

This has come up a few times in recent days, so I thought I’d post this quick tip about how to record a refund check or rebate received from a vendor.

You get a check in the mail!

Let’s say you buy enough office supplies to get a $100.00 cash reward from Advanced Office Systems.  They send you a $100.00 check. You could create a deposit in the Bank Rec module, but then you wouldn’t have a record of your good fortune with the vendor.

To record this $100.00 check and keep it linked to the vendor, use the Document Type Return in Payables Transaction Entry.

Put the amount of the refund in the Returns field and in the Check field. When you post the transaction, you will have evidence of it in the vendor record and the check will be waiting for you to deposit in the check register.


The $100.00 check is waiting to be deposited.

How do you apply it to a credit memo?

A kind user of the Community asked how to handle receiving the cash after they had already entered a credit document in anticipation of a credit or refund. My advice in this situation is to simply void the credit and re-enter it as a refund as described above.

Please let me know if you have more ideas!

Until next post!

Leslie Vail