Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kofi Annan Convergence 2013 Keynote Speaker


 We had the honor of hearing the wisdom of Kofi Annan as the keynote speaker on the Las day of Convergence. Here is a little more information about this Nobel Peace Prize awarded. 


Kofi Annan

The Nobel Peace Prize 2001 was awarded jointly to United Nations (U.N.) and Kofi Annan "for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world"

Photos: Copyright © The Nobel Foundation


MLA style: "The Nobel Peace Prize 2001". 21 Mar 2013


Kofi A. Annan of Ghana, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, is the first to be elected from the ranks of UN staff. His first five-year term began on 1 January 1997 and, following his subsequent re-appointment by the UN Member States, he will begin a second five-year term on 1 January 2002.

MLA style: "Kofi Annan - Biography". 21 Mar 2013

He is truly a remarkable man.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Volunteer Day at Convergence 2013

Sheila-Jefferson Ross participated in the volunteer project and gave me these great pictures.

Thanks Sheila! Keep up the good work.

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David Musgrave, we miss you!

After the opening session of Convergence 2013 on 3/19/2013 we got together to send a picture message to David Musgrave.
David we Miss you
Sheila Jefferson-Ross, Mariano Gomez and his wife, Leslie Vail and Beat Bucher. Looks like Mariano and his wife are showing off some TimTams and Chicos. I think I’ve been dissed Smile.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Convergence 2013 Day Zero

I got in last night and started the party on Bourbon Street. Here are some pictures of the festivities with Sheila Jefferson-Ross at Acme Oyster on Iberville in the edge of the French Quarter.

Here are some pictures from Bourbon Street and the Acme Oyster Company restaurant:

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MVP Conference 2013


We had 4 Dynamics GP MVPs at this year’s MVP Conference! John Lowther, Mark Polino, Belinda Adam, and me!

Here are some photos from the conference. I can’t tell you anything we learned there because, as they remind us hourly, everything is subject to the Nondisclosure Agreement we all signed.

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Get your Convergence 2013 Event App!

Heres HOW!

The full post regarding the app is available here on Donna Edward’s blog:

Great post, Donna!


We know that when you’re at the event, you’re on the go! Our Convergence mobile option will provide you with a handful of useful information so that you can keep moving in the right direction.

Download the Convergence Event App

Download Instructions: We have three convenient ways to download the apps to your devices.

  1. From your phone: scan this tag to be taken directly to a download for your device.
  2. From your PC or phone: Link directly to your app store.

    Android  Apple iOS  Windows PC (v 8 only), Surface (RT) and Windows Phone

  3. Search for 'Convergence' in your app store.

After downloading the event application, you can use your registration username and password or Microsoft Account to access the following features:

  • Session Schedule and Details – A full catalog of sessions and key events will be available on the fly. View and modify your schedule via Schedule Builder, see 'What's On Now', add new sessions, download session materials, take and share notes and complete evals from anywhere.
  • Social Media and Photo Sharing - Our Twitter feed (#conv13), Facebook Event Page and LinkedIn Group are all accessible from within the app, along with a photo-sharing tool so you can take and upload photos from the event.
  • Contact Exchange – Use the mobile app to scan badges and quickly connect with attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Maps and Info – Built in venue and city based guides will help you find their way around, including an interactive map of the expo hall and an entertainment guide for New Orleans.
  • Gaming – Get to the top of the Explore Convergence leaderboard with the most points received for completing various activities within the event - such as networking, sharing photos, posting to social media, completing evaluations and attending sessions.

Don't see your device? Don't worry! We have also created a mobile optimized version of the Convergence website. Login in with your registration username and password or Microsoft account and see a customized view of your event experience, with many of the same features from our mobile app - right at your fingertips!

“The Social Experience:” Elevating Social Media at Microsoft’s Convergence 2013

Read this blog by Jon Rivers and get Social at Convergence 2013!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 7:15 am
By Jon Rivers


Hot Off the Press… Microsoft is looking to elevate the role of social media before, during and after Convergence 2013. To do this, they have created a new space within the Conference, “The Social Experience,” located on the outer edge of the expo hall, near the registration area. You can expect to see a 6’x3’ media wall displaying the Live Wall, which will be showing sponsor content, customer videos and event announcements. I’ve heard they will be also broadcasting the keynote and select general sessions to this wall, live.

“The Social Experience” will also include casual seating so that people can sit down and connect as with the Social Media Command Center. Again, I’ve heard this will be a high-profile, dedicated workspace for Microsoft’s social media team and will include 5 flat screen monitors to track social media activity by ERP platform. You can consider this as a ‘safe landing’ in a crazy event environment, with the ability to charge your laptops and tablets, work, relax, as well as check out the Media Wall.

Now to the other exciting news… I’ve been asked, along with 11 other high-profile social media members at large, to be an official blogger for Convergence 2013. To top off this opportunity, Microsoft has offered to supply the bloggers with Surfaces during this event (so no need to carry heavy laptops…. Yippee!) to help with the convenience of their social media activities.

Before you head out to New Orleans, make sure to plug in the following bloggers into your RSS feeds and add them to your Twitter account so you can hear what’s happening live during Convergence 2013!


Gus Gonzalez

Mark Polino

Donna Edwards

Belinda Allen

Brandon George

Chris Cognetta

Leslie Vail

Joris de Gruyter

Mike Snyder

Joel Lindstrom

Jon Rivers
@jon_rivers; @datamasons

Kerry Rosvold

Fire Inside at Convergence 2013

I got here yesterday and the talk about the conferences is buzzing everywhere, even among all of the parades and parties! Check in starts today, as well as ‘Pre-Game’ with GPPC (GP Partner Connection). If you’re here, get up and get registered!

Don’t forget about this neat opportunity at Convergence:

Here’s the text of the link:

Last Modified 2/28/2013
Posted 2/27/2013

Coming to Convergence?

Don’t miss the opportunity to reveal your true potential and experience the fun-filled activities at the Change Agent Headquarters. Discover your hero title. Take professional headshot photos. Create your own ad, and meet our LinkedIn specialists who can help bolster your LinkedIn profile to achieve the maximum impact.

Change Agent Headquarters

  • LinkedIn Name Tag Analyzer: Access the app to receive a “Hero Title"
  • DIY ad and Professional headshot
    • Star in your own ad featuring your industry background and new title, and take a professional headshot
    • Use retrieval code/ MSTag to retrieve and share your photo via social media
  • LinkedIn Consultants
    • Meet 2 LinkedIn Consultants who are there to help bolster your professional profiles

  • Roaming Change Agent Ambassadors

    • Engage attendee to help customize hero titles on nametag buttons, and drive additional traffic to the Change Agent HQ

Premium Distribution

  • Name Tag laptop stickers in each messenger bag and at HQ
  • Buttons to be distributed by the Change Agent Ambassador throughout convention hall
  • T-shirts as an Evaluation Prize


  • 2 large banners featuring 6 ads in the main Lobby

Social Media Integration

  • Feature DIY ads on Digital Social Wall and hash-tag them for twitter search during and post event
  • DIY ads also available for attendees to download and share out on their own