Sunday, January 7, 2018

Modified Form 1099 Misc. and the ‘1099s Printed’ report

While preparing our annual 1099s, we had the need to change the name on the 1099 from the Vendor Check Name to an individual’s name. We use the name and social that match the name of the sole proprietor. While the new(ish) field on the Vendor Maintenance window for the address code used on the 1099 is a good start, it doesn’t let you change the Name field that prints on the 1099. Regardless of the Address Code selected, the Vendor Check Name is used by GP to set the name appearing on the 1099.

Oddly, the Vendor Name is used on the ‘1099s Printed’ report instead of the Vendor Check Name.

How the modification works is this. If you need to change the name, use the Address Code of ‘1099’ as the 1099 Address Code. The system will look at the 1099 Address code and if it is ‘1099’ then the Vendor Contact Name is used on the 1099, otherwise the Vendor Check Name is used.

If you would like a copy of these modified reports, you can download the package file from HERE.

Live the dream!