Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An exception occurred while trying to load or initialize the addin located at Rtc.

Don’t ya love these error messages?

My friend and fellow MVP, Frank Hamelly posted a question on the GP Forum about getting the above error message after loading a fresh install of SQL2012 and GP2013 on his laptop. Frank had previously had GP2012 running, so it seemed odd that it would not run now. (Welcome to my world Frank Smile)

Anyway, after some basic ‘have you tried this’ responses, Jonathan Fear came to the rescue.

As it turned out, Frank Hamelly had recently done the Live Messenger to Skype conversion and Jonathan Fear  suggested that the removal of the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Rtc.dll should resolve the problem.

Frank Hamelly reported back and said it did indeed solve the problem!

Other programs Jonathan Fear said they had experienced problems with were Shortel Communicator or something similar to Lync.

Here’s the link to the Forum post


Thank you Jonathan for giving us a solution to one of those pesky error messages!

Until next post!

Leslie Vail

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