Sunday, January 12, 2014

There is an error with at least one vendor record, print the customer/vendor record for details

This is an error I thought I’d add to our ‘When Things Go Wrong’ section. My thanks goes to Alaa Ramadan, who both identified the error and discovered it’s solution.  You can find the thread here.

The error presented itself when the user was attempting to complete a refund check transaction in the RM module. (Sales | Transactions | Refund Checks).

As it turned out, the associated vendor record had been put on hold thus preventing the refund check creation.  Clearing the hold checkbox on the Vendor Maintenance window solved the problem.

Thanks Alaa!

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Szars said...

I am having this same exact issue and Vendor account is not on hold. strange thing is that when I try to check the HOLD box , the vendor record is failing to save saying SQL operation failed to save the record.