Friday, January 17, 2014

Dynamics GP Excel Dashboard available now!


This comes to us from one of Dynamics GP’s finest, the infamous Mark Polino! Jump to to get more details.

This is the truly painless way to get started with Excel dashboards, have someone else do it for you Smile. Imagine, an Excel dashboard with all of the bells and whistles ready to go. We’ve all seen and heard how cool dashboards are, and wish we had the time to figure out how to create them. Well, the time has been reduced to just a few minutes. Seriously, the dashboard is easy to install; and, honestly, I do mean easy.

Simplicity is a word that appeals to me, and Mark’s Excel dashboard falls into that category. One of the things I like to point out during my development/tool classes is that you should ALWAYS look around to see if anyone else has already created the thing you are wanting to create. So many times, the answer is yes.  This is one of those yes times.

If you want to get started, but can’t carve out the hours it takes to develop this anew, this is for you.

Though the dashboard is perfectly fine just like it is, you have the option to change it however you want. We all know that changing something is far easier than creating it from scratch.

Can you say plug and play?  I am among the laziest people out there. I know the macro language so well because it saves me time and clicks.  If I can save clicks, I’m all for it! This is my kind of dashboard; just connect it to your data source and you’re ready to go. And fear not, if data sources are not your area of expertise, Mark makes that easy too.

So what’s available? Mark has released a dashboard for the Sales series. Here’s what it includes:

● Top Customers with corresponding costs               
● Top Items with corresponding costs               
● Top Salespeople, Territories and Sites               
● Sales over time with forward looking projection               
● Sales mix over time by item class               
● A full range of data filters to control information

Click the link and check it out.

How many of these do you think Mark can develop in 50 minutes?   

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