Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review of Developing Microsoft GP Business Applications


I am honored that my book, Developing Microsoft GP Business Applications is being reviewed in detail by Ian Grieve. I just learned of this today, he has 5 parts already reviewed. The reviews start here:

Ian is completely independent and I will definitely be reading his reviews and be able to make the book better because of them. I've only read the 5th article, and am so very impressed by his thoroughness and honesty.

He talks about what's good, and what could be improved, I am elated to learn that someone so exceptional is taking this much time reviewing my book!

Thank you Ian!

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Ian Grieve said...

Hi Leslie,

It's a very good book which I'm enjoying reading.

I just wish I had more time so I could cover it quicker.


Dynamics Confessor said...

Thank you Ian, your imput is incredible and very valuable to me. I definitely take them to heart and will be incorporating any changes in the next edition (should there be a next edition :))