Thursday, April 4, 2013

DynUtils.exe is Missing

This is a first for me.

I had a client call wanting to set up a new company that had the same structure as an existing company. They had not set up a new database before so we were going to walk through it over the phone.

The first step, as you know, is to launch Dynamics Utilities. Surprise! Dynamics Utilities was gone and had left no forwarding address. Specifically, the DynUtils.exe file was missing. These folks were serious about not wanting anybody to run this program.

Out of curiosity, I deleted the DynUtils.exe from my workstation, and sure enough, Dynamics GP launched without a problem.

The moral of this story is to show you another clever way to put a little more security at the workstation. I would go farther though and take away the DynUtils.set file too! I wouldn’t bother with the ‘DU’ dictionaries, that’s only because I’m a bit disinclined to go to through the effort.

Special thanks to Mark Polino for the ‘left no forwarding address phrase’.

Until next time!


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