Friday, April 12, 2013

Problem with dual install of 2010 and 2013

Both GP 2010 and GP2013 are installed on my local computer. That machine is also the SQL server.

The Problem:

I created a new user  (USER1) in GP2013 and gave him access to the Fabrikam company, which was database TWO01. The system database was named DYN131.

  • USER1 was granted access to Fabrikam.
  • USER1 was a power user

Whenever I tried to log in as USER1, I was greeted with this:


I was definitely typing in the correct user name and password. Finally, I went directly to the SQL server and blanked out the password. The blank password didn'’t work either.

The Solution:

I checked the SQL Server to make sure USER1 was listed as a Login to the server and was mapped to the both the TWO1 database and the DYN131database. No problems there. I then checked the DYN131 and TWO1 databases to confirm USER1 was a member of the DYNGRP database role for both databases.No problem there either.

Since I needed to change something, I selected USER1 and mapped him to the DYNGRP of the TWO database. The TWO database is the sample company for the GP2010 installation. That’s all I did; USER1 was not listed as a user for the TWO database.

Solved. Now, USER1 could log in to the sample company created in the GP2013 installation.

Go figure.

Until next post!


Ben said...

I have the same configuration as you (GP2010 and 2013 in 1 machine). I encountered the same issue with you also.. but strangely all i need to do is delete the user and re-create it again... everything is okay

So not sure why this is happening


Amber said...

This is cool!