Friday, February 18, 2011

Remembering the Company, not the User

GP 2010 brought with it a couple of new features involving security. Mariano wrote a nice article about several new features on his blog last year:

I would like to add a comment about security that I have seen misinterpreted quite a bit lately. There are two new options, (1) Remember user and password & (2) Remember this company. These two options are not related in any way.

Remembering the user and password can be turned on and off through System Preferences (see below). Turning off the ‘Remember User’ option does NOT turn off the ‘Remember this company’ option.


The Remember user and password checkbox is disabled in the Welcome window because it is not enabled in System Preferences.


The checkbox for ‘Remember this company’ is not controlled by System Preferences. You can always check this box. When the box is checked, you still have to log in to the system but then you are automatically logged on to the remembered company after your password is accepted.


I like the option to remember the company. I think remembering the user and password is too big of a security risk to be viable. For anyone who has Field Level Security, I recommend you hide the field (L) RememberMe on the Login form/window.

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