Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dexterity Training is coming to Fargo!

That’s right!  A Dexterity training class is being held the week before Tech Conference (Feb 21-25) in Fargo. If you have been wanting to get started with Dexterity, now is a great opportunity for some classroom training. Details of what is covered and other particulars can be had by contacting IBG.

It’s coming up fast, but it’s worth the trip. We are running the Dexterity I class covering the basics in Dexterity, it’s an introduction to the language aimed at a developer who has not worked with Dexterity before. You will learn how to create user interfaces having the exact same look and feel as Dynamics GP, how to create resources and interact with the core applications. This class will bring it all together for VSTools programmers and new Dexterity developers alike.

Don’t forget to bring a coat Smile

For details and to sign up contact ralvarez@ibgnet.com. You could also fill out the ‘Request Information’ form on their web site. Their web site is http://www.ibgnet.com/.

You can download a synopsis of the class using the link below. http://www.4shared.com/document/gK3muz4n/Dexterity_I_Synopsis_.html
I hope to see you there, if not I will see you at the conference.

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Don't forget to bring a coat is right!! Brrrr :-)