Monday, February 28, 2011

The Masters at Work!

Here’s David Musgrave and Mariano Gomez honing their presentation on development tools (what else!). They have picked a quiet table in the corner of the bar at Basies. Hey, it’s never too late to prepare for your presentation, right?
The Masters at Work
David Musgrave & Mariano Gomez
We worked there all day, and David got to experience an ‘object reference not set’ error and couldn’t uninstall Dynamics from his computer. He was off to the races then trying 'things', but the computer was winning. After 6 hours we got a new set of eyes looking at it. David Eichner to the rescue. David E. suggested some pretty agressive 'fixes', but everything started working again at last. And it only took 6 hours! Welcome to my world David!
After our day at the bar, Mariano needed to get some fresh air. I guess two solid days inside the Ramada in Fargo was starting to close in on him. David M, David E, Mariano and me ventured across the street in the cold to Granite City Food & Brewery to get some dinner and exchange more stories and laughs.
We have an early day Monday, so we all headed upstairs to our rooms at about 10:00 pm.
Until next time!



Beat BUCHER said...

Hey Leslie... be honest, it was not 10:00PM, you were all sitting still there when I checked in at 11:15PM :-) and evt you all went to the room around 11:30PM... It was a short night monday...

Dynamics Confessor said...

OK, OK, we were THINKING about calling it a night at 10 pm, tsk tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, now that you're famous, you can't get anything past people! ;-)