Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GP 2010

I installed the beta version of GP 2010 on my 64-bit Windows 7 pro machine running SQL 2008. It installed without a hitch. I installed the SDK with no problems. I could not get Dexterity installed. I received a simple error message:

So that was a little disappointing but I still plan on taking GP2010 through the upgrade cycle of one of my smaller clients and see what I can discover. The 'new' FRx is also part of my plan - conversion wizard and all. I'm doing all of this on a clean machine dedicated to the beta test of GP2010 and the Office Beta.

Good news! I hooked up the old c-tree ODBC driver and can easily read the .dat files now.

This should be a fun process, especially since I have a machine just for testing.

Until next post :)



Unknown said...

Hi Leslie,

The reason probably is this: Inside Dexterity folder, there is a folder called "Watson" which is nothing but Windows Application Error Reporting installation folder.

In which we can see installers for 32 Bit Intel, 64 Bit AMD and 64 Bit ia Processor. But the file for 64 Bit Intel is missing. Usually the files are named like this "___x64.msi".

May be we need to find the file from Microsoft Downloads site and then install it first.

I am quite sure of this, as I was able to install GP 2010 Beta on my 32 Bit laptop, without any glitches.

Vaidy Mohan

Dynamics Confessor said...


Like you I have Dynamics GP 2010 installed with no problems. However, I searched unsuccessfully for the "_x64.msi" version of the software, so now I am stuck.


Unknown said...

Can you try running the file "dw20sharedia64.msi" which is available in folder "Watson". This can be found in the following path:

GP2010 Main Folder -> Tools -> Dex -> Watson -> dw20sharedia64.msi

This may solve the issue.