Friday, February 19, 2010

GP 2010 on 64-bit Windows 7 with i3 Processor

I have more to report on my attempted installation of Dexterity 2010.

Thanks to Vaidy for the guidance, I did the following:
I ran "dw20sharedia64.msi" from the following path:
GP2010 Main Folder -> Tools -> Dex -> Watson -> dw20sharedia64.msi

I got this error:

I then ran “dw20sharedamd64.msi'” from that same folder and was greeted with nothing noteable. I didn't expect anything because this is not an AMD processor, but you never know.

I then ran the “dw20shared.msi” and received this message:

It looked promising, but then nothing else happened.

I then run the setup.exe file for Dex and got this again:

I restarted the machine between attempts.

The test machine's processor is an i3. The i3 was released January 8th, 2010. Since the first error message tells me the processor isn't supported, I am thinking the new processor may be the issue.

I do not have another machine to use for the beta - has anyone tried to install Dex 2010 on a similar hardware configuration to mine?

The machine is 64-bit, running Windows 7 Professional, with an i3 processor.

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