Saturday, January 30, 2010

System Preferences Option GP 10

Setting up a new installation recently I wanted to prevent both the 'Metrics' and 'Outlook' sections of a new user's home page from loading. I've read solutions about running a SQL statement against the Users Master (SY01400) in the Dynamics database, but I wanted it to prevent it from happening in the first place rather than going back and changing it after the users had been set up.

The solution is found in the System Preferences window. To navigate to this window select the Administration button on the Navigation Pane to open the Administration Area Page. In the Setup content pane of the Area Page expand the System menu. Near the bottom of the System list is 'System Preferences'. This screen shot is pretty small, but it shows the general area.

In the lower half of the System Preferences window there are three check boxes. Your options are 'Load To Do: Reminders', 'Load Microsoft Office Outlook' and 'Load Metrics'. Unmarking a checkbox will prevent the selected area from loading on a new user's home page. Note that the 'Load To Do: Reminders' will only prevent the 'Reminders' content to be suppressed, the 'Tasks' content will still display. The section heading will still appear for the unmarked content. But the content will be empty. The System Preferences window is illustrated below:

A new Home Page with each of the checkmarks unmarked looks like this:

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