Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Edit Payables Check Batch–Change the Columns Displayed

I find that there is a relatively unused feature of the Edit Payables Check Batch window. You have the option to change which columns appear on each side of the window. One change I nearly always make is to display the document number instead of the voucher number. Voucher number, really, what’s up with that?

Not only can you turn on or off the columns, you can also rearrange them.

In the screenshot below, notice I changed the left-hand section to include the Payment Priority. On the right-hand side, I changed Voucher Number to Document Number and added a field for the Original Amount.


To make these changes, you just need to push the ‘Column’ button in the header of the side you want to change. The button is circled in red above.

Upon pushing the button on the left, you get the following window with some additional choices that you can turn on or off. You are limited; you can only choose to display three columns. It will bark at you if you select too many.


Pushing the button on the right, will reward you with the following window with some additional choices that you can turn on or off. You are limited to seven columns for the right side. This side will bark at you too if you select too many.


Choices for the left and right are listed in the table below:

Left Side Right Side
Vendor ID Voucher Number
Vendor Name Document Number
Total Amount Paid Due Date
Class ID Amount Remaining
Payment Priority Amount Paid
  Original Amount
  Discount Date
  Terms Available
  Terms Taken
  Transaction Description
  Currency ID

Utilizing this feature can make this popular window even more inviting.

Now, if we only had a way to ‘Unmark All’. The suggestion is on Connect. Vote for 921336 if you agree.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a way to add more columns to that list of options?

Dynamics Confessor said...

Unfortunately, there is no option available to modify the choices on the lists.