Thursday, July 24, 2014

Report Writer–copying package files, beware


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I had a client call me today who was trying to copy the layout of the Check with stub on top and bottom- Graphical to the layout of the Check with stub on top. It wasn’t working.

She changed the top line of the package file  to read Check with stub on top and it imported beautifully. She could open it up in Report Writer and everything looked good. However, when she tried to print it she got something very foreign looking. It had switched to a graphical report, and it had a stub on top, but it didn’t produce the face of the check, and the dollars where all messed up.

Below is the only thing that printed after the import of the ‘new’ package file:


It’s got a nice looking stub on top, but the rest of the check was missing. Something had gone terribly wrong.

Further investigation revealed that the Check with stub on top report, before it was modified, contained 7 tables. The Check with stub on top and bottom- Graphical contained only 5. We could import just fine between two of the formats that had the same 7 tables, but the formats that had only 5 needed to be imported into a format that had the same 5.

We needed a check format that contained the same 5 tables as the Check with stub on top and bottom- Graphical. Luckily, the Check with two stubs on top matched up perfectly. 

So, if your modified reports coming from edited package files don’t appear the way you think they should, check the tables. If the tables are not compatible, the report will not work the way you want.

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Sheilajross said...

Thanks for the info Leslie. I do this all the time but thankfully haven't come across this issue. I'll pay closer attention to this in the future.