Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fire Inside at Convergence 2013

I got here yesterday and the talk about the conferences is buzzing everywhere, even among all of the parades and parties! Check in starts today, as well as ‘Pre-Game’ with GPPC (GP Partner Connection). If you’re here, get up and get registered!

Don’t forget about this neat opportunity at Convergence:

Here’s the text of the link:

Last Modified 2/28/2013
Posted 2/27/2013

Coming to Convergence?

Don’t miss the opportunity to reveal your true potential and experience the fun-filled activities at the Change Agent Headquarters. Discover your hero title. Take professional headshot photos. Create your own ad, and meet our LinkedIn specialists who can help bolster your LinkedIn profile to achieve the maximum impact.

Change Agent Headquarters

  • LinkedIn Name Tag Analyzer: Access the app to receive a “Hero Title"
  • DIY ad and Professional headshot
    • Star in your own ad featuring your industry background and new title, and take a professional headshot
    • Use retrieval code/ MSTag to retrieve and share your photo via social media
  • LinkedIn Consultants
    • Meet 2 LinkedIn Consultants who are there to help bolster your professional profiles

  • Roaming Change Agent Ambassadors

    • Engage attendee to help customize hero titles on nametag buttons, and drive additional traffic to the Change Agent HQ

Premium Distribution

  • Name Tag laptop stickers in each messenger bag and at HQ
  • Buttons to be distributed by the Change Agent Ambassador throughout convention hall
  • T-shirts as an Evaluation Prize


  • 2 large banners featuring 6 ads in the main Lobby

Social Media Integration

  • Feature DIY ads on Digital Social Wall and hash-tag them for twitter search during and post event
  • DIY ads also available for attendees to download and share out on their own

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