Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Modified SOP Entry window


The SOP Entry window pictured above has been modified to bring the Description up to the first line. This made the window quite wide, but my goal was to get as much of the description visible as possible. The expanded view looks almost the same as the original, except I added the Item Code field as can be seen below:


If you would like a copy of this modified window for yourself, you can download the package file containing this window here: https://app.box.com/s/z2sujz9pu62jbybhxb4b

This is a GP2013 R2 window.

I welcome any suggestions you all may have to spiffy this up.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Record the Bar Code in the Item Code field in Inventory


We’re all looking for fields we can use for something else without bringing the system down. Inventory is a popular area where we never seem to have enough fields. How many times have you looked through that Item Maintenance window looking for a field you can ‘re-purpose’. I always use the Item Code field. It’s a 15 character string field, but it’s not visible on the window. It’s been in the table for eons, but imagethe powers that be never exposed it on the window. Well, we all have Modifier now, so that’s a quick and easy way to reveal the field .

Here’s my window - I’ve got Item Code in a field above Item Class, but you can put it anywhere you like.

That’s my tip for today!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Modified RM Aged Trial Balance–Summary

The RM summary aged trial balance is too busy. Too many lines per customer. If you just want one line per customer, this is the report for you.





I know it’s hard (perhaps impossible) to read the images, but you can clearly see how much cleaner the modified report looks.

You can download the modified version of this report here:
Modified RM Summary ATB-1 line per customer

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Modified Payables Transaction Entry Distribution

I modified the Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window so the Account Number appears on the first line of the scrolling window. I also added the Currency ID field to the second line of the scrolling window because the second line looked pretty desolate and  needed something else. There were no other fields in the distribution table (PM10100) that looked interesting.


This modification was done on GP 2013 R2. You can download a package file for this modified form here: Modified Payables Transaction Entry Distribution



Modified GL Transaction Entry Window - Account Description on First Line

Forever I’ve wanted the account description on the first line of the GL Transaction Entry window. Well now I have it! It took me all day to create, but at least now it exists. I shouldn’t be the only one who benefits from my labor, so I’m going to make it available to you.

NEW GL Transaction Entry window:


Changes Made to GL Transaction Entry window:

Fields added to the upper right-hand quadrant:

      • Last User ID
      • Last Date Edited
      • Originating Document Information
      • Series
      • Originating Posting Date
      • User Who Posted

Fields added to the third line of the scrolling window: 

      • Originating Master ID
      • Originating Master Name
      • Transaction Type
      • Original Voucher/Payment Number
      • Original Document Number

The screenshot below shows the new window with the changes highlighted:


This modification was done on GP 2013 R2. If you want a copy of this window for yourself, you can download the package file here: Modified GL Transaction Entry window

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Leslie Vail