Sunday, December 9, 2012

Calling all Developers! Get ready for GP 2013 - Dexterity Training in St. Lake City! December 17th–21st, 2012

This is short notice, but if you can come, it'll be worth it! All of you VS Tools and VBA programmers, you really need to learn this stuff!

I’ll be doing a one-week class that will incorporate two weeks of training material. If you ever wanted to drink Dexterity through a fire hose, then this class is for you.

We’ll go non-stop for one week passing through very basic scripts, up to cross-dictionary work. No previous experience in Dexterity is required except going through the Quick Start manual that is included with the Dexterity documentation.

You’ll start writing integrating sanSript the first day of class!

This class was architected by T Hoecherl, a senior developer with Premier Computing, Inc. T is the man with all of the answers when it comes to logistics and cost. He can be reached at the following numbers:
Office: 801-487-8400, ext. 130
Cell: 801-259-7786
T tells me his classroom can hold eight people and he has a couple of spots left that he would like to fill. So, come to Salt Lake City on December 17th and get that training you need before GP 2013 hits the shelves!

The one-week Dexterity Basics class is still scheduled to go in Orlando in February of 2013, but here’s an earlier offering if February just seems too far away.

I hope to see you in Salt Lake City!

Kind regards,

Leslie Vail 972-814-8550

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