Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch David Musgrave's Moves on You Tube!!

David Musgrave
Shattered is the image of David Musgrave staring intently at his computer screen putting yet another finishing touch on the Support Debugging Tool.

Here's the scene - the Convergence Reception reaches a fevered pitch, the music starts to pound, and then David breaks loose with some moves all his own!

The Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta was the 'Place to Be' on Tuesday night (April 12, 2011) where Musgrave moved to the beat in a way that was nothing less than astonishing. Sheila Jefferson-Ross, always ready with a camera, captured this legendary display for your viewing pleasure.
Watch, as David reveals yet another of his hidden talents!

Be sure to post your comments so that David can see how much you support him in pursuing a place on "Australia's Got Talent!" See the video here

Enjoy!  Until next post!
Leslie Vail

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David Musgrave said...

Thanks Leslie, much appreciated.