Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SOP order and POP document in the same order

Just a quick post from Convergence.

Yesterday I was asked if it was possible for the PO created from a SOP document to retain the line item order of the PO. Their customer matched up the invoice with their PO when approving the bill. You certainly don't want any delay in receiving our customer's payment, so having the two documents match is essential.

The answer, yes you can!

Microsoft Professional Services sells a tool that will cause the PO to be created in the same line item order as the SOP document that created it. At last call the tool was a mere $500. This tool is not on the regular GP product offering so you must submit a support request (non-chargeable) to acquire it.

There are several other tools available from Microsoft that solve problems we have been laboring over for years. I have more detail at: http://dynamicsconfessions.blogspot.com/2010/02/tools-available-from-professional.html

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Leslie Vail

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