Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DEXVBA.ini Switches - Part 1

In keeping with my ‘.ini’ switch theme I would like to keep track of entries we can make to the DEXVBA.ini file. I currently have only two. I hope you will comment here if you have any others and I can add them to the list. I have titled this ‘Part 1’ in hopes that I will get additional settings so that I may post a ‘Part 2’.

The DEXVBA.ini file is not created by default. You will need to open Notepad (or similar text editor) and create it. The file should be created in the root Windows folder, not in the GP folder.

Step 1. Create a file named DEXVBA.ini in the root Windows folder.

Step 2. Add the following line to the top of the file: [General]

Step 3. Add the selected .ini setting beneath [General].

INI Setting Description
LogObjects=TRUE This will create a text file that will include all of the objects in a VBA project. The text file will be the same name as the product dictionary with a ‘.txt’ extension.

This will suppress the following error message when you launch Dynamics GP.

“The product_name.vba project references some objects that cannot be found.

These objects are listed in the file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions\GP\ product_name.txt”

The warning will be suppressed for all VBA projects loaded. It doesn’t solve the problem regarding missing objects, but it suppresses the message.

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