Sunday, February 12, 2017

Please Select a Company - But I already have!!

This is a quick ‘when things go wrong’ article that solves an annoying issue. If you launch GP and everything is fine EXCEPT the dialog asking you to select a company never goes away, you have this problem.

If you click the OK button, the dialog closes and all is well with the world. If you are experiencing this issue, you need to do a little file surgery in SQL. The problem is in the SY01402 table within the DYNAMICS database. What’s happening is that the system is trying to launch a ‘remembered’ company that doesn’t exist in your current installation. This could come up if you move your system to a different server and do not bring all of the companies over. 

To solve the problem, you need to edit the SY01402 table. Filter the table so that it shows you records where the syDefaultType field is equal to 70. This is the Remembered Company entry. The value in the SYUSERDFSTR field refers to the COMPANYID of the ‘remembered’ company. The only thing you need to do is either delete the record or change the value in the SYUSERDFSTR field to a company ID that exists. You can find valid company IDs in the SY01500 table in the DYNAMICS database.

Until next time, Live the Dream!

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