Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Insert or Delete Lines in Advanced Financial Analysis

Frank Heslin recently revealed a tip about the AFA module that few people have run across. Back in the old days when AFA was our only way to create financial statements, there was more information floating around about how to use it. Today, not so much. With the latest versions of GP that come with the ‘ribbon’ menus, you will be hard-pressed to figure out how to insert or delete lines into an AFA financial report. Frank provided the following tip on the GPUG collaborate forum “change your  'Window Command Display' under User Preferences to 'Menu Bar', then restart GP, and you will see the option to insert or delete under the 'Edit' menu.  Keep in mind that this change is global for you, so if you prefer the 'Action Pane' or 'Action Pane Strip', you'll have to toggle this setting as needed.”
Thanks Frank!
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