Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What’s behind this software anyway? Webinar 06/05/2014

If you want to become a better problem solver by knowing the behind-the-scenes actions of Dynamics GP, attend this webinar brought to you by GPUG.


The webinar starts at 1:00 Eastern time and lasts for an hour. Sign up at the GPUG Events site:

This session will show you what happens when you double-click that GP icon or post a batch. You’ll learn how transactions flow through the Work, Open and History tables, what those terms really mean and how to find those specific data tables.

You will be more prepared to resolve issues by being able to interpret error messages and hone-in on where the problem might exist. You will no longer be in a panic when a posting crashes or mystery data shows up in an inquiry window. Take command of your system and reduce reliability on your Partner to get your software back up and running.

After the webinar, you can download the slide deck as well as several other documents I’ve prepared for the event. Come fill your toolbox!

Hope to ‘see’ you there!


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