Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Vendor ID is Missing or Invalid

This will be a short post. When I come upon an error message in a third party product I am going to post it if a resolution does not come up on a search.

This error was received when using the Ethotech Commission Plan product. The error is presented when you try to Preview or Process commissions. If a salesperson is a contractor, s/he must be associated with a Vendor ID. The message is telling us something is wrong with that association. Open the Salesperson Maintenance window (Sales > Cards > Salesperson) and check for the existence of a Vendor ID.
Zoom back on the Vendor ID. To zoom, hover your mouse over the word ‘Vendor ID’, when the mouse pointer changes to a pointing finger image, click. A menu will drop down that says Vendor Maintenance at the top. Click on the menu and the Vendor Maintenance window will open with the vendor associated with that salesperson displayed.

Because the Vendor Maintenance window opened displaying a vendor, we know the vendor is valid. Further investigation of the window revealed that the Status of the vendor was Inactive. Changing the vendor to Active status solved the problem.image

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