Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Payroll Tax Round 2 for GP2010 for year 2011

Microsoft announced that the much anticipated Round 2 for GP2010 is out. The update filename is MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2477921-ENU.msp (for U.S. English).

Read about it here:

The Tax Tables themselves are here: Round 2

Here is an excerpt from the U.S. 2011 January Payroll Tax Update For Microsoft Dynamics ® GP Round 2

“Installation is divided into two portions: the tax table update and the program code update. Installing the tax table update is required for all states included in the Round 2 update.

To install the tax table update:

You can run the tax update installation from any workstation. The update installs payroll tax table data on the server computer where your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP application data is located. You need to install the tax table update only once.

To install the program code update:

You need to install the update on the server as well as every workstation that runs Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Installation instructions vary, depending on the release you are using. Follow instructions for the release you are using:

Installing the program code update for Release 9.0 (links to a different part of the document)

Installing the program code update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or Release 10.0 (links to a different part of the document)

Before you begin, ask all Microsoft Dynamics GP users to exit the application until the update is complete. Exit all other applications, turn off the screen saver, and back up important data (including Forms.dic, Reports.dic, and Dynamics.vba if they exist) before you proceed with the installation.

Note: The Payroll Update Engine, which is used to install the tax table update, is not supported on 64-bit operating systems when running Release 9.0, or Release 10.0 prior to Service Pack 3. For more information, refer to the Knowledge Base article at;EN-US;947191

( or

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0:

The update filenames are:

MicrosoftDynamicsGP-KB2477916-v10-ENU.exe (for U.S. English) and

MicrosoftDynamicsGP-KB2477917-v10-ESLA.exe (for Latin American Spanish).

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010:

The update filename is MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2477921-ENU.msp (for U.S. English) and

MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2477922-ENU.msp (for Latin American Spanish).

The file incorporates all previous code updates, including Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Release 10.0 Service Pack 5, the 2010 U.S. Payroll year-end update, and all recent hotfixes. If you are using Canadian Payroll, it also includes the Canadian 2010 Year-End Update/2011 Tax Update, as well as all previous Canadian Payroll tax updates.”

Stay tuned for upgrade path changes.

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Anthony Germano said...

I can't find MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2477921-ENU.msp on customer source. Am I missing something? I see the update for GP 10.

Greg said...

Has this Round 2 Tax Update been released for GP 9? In the Round 2 documentation it says the program code file name for the GP 9 update will be "MicrosoftDynamicsGP-KB2477913-v9-ENU.msp" But I am not able to find this file anywhere on Customer Source. It appears that the Round 2 code file is only available for GP 10 at the moment. Where can I get the code file for GP 9?

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where you found the KB2477921 download? I've been looking all over partner source for days and cannot find it. Thanks in advance.

Jocelyn Eure

Dynamics Confessor said...

Anthony, It looks like they're missing something. I just tried to hunt it down myself and it has drifted off into la la land. I believe the .cab is the same, but like you, I didn't run across the KB

Dynamics Confessor said...

Anthony, Greg and Jocelyn

I cannot find it either. I need to revise the post.