Saturday, July 24, 2010

Delete all but Master Files

Here’s the scenario. You have set up a Pilot environment, loaded all of your setups and master files, tweaked the settings, tweaked the master file setups, have your security perfect, entered some test transactions and are ready to go live. Well, you do not want to leave the test transactions in there, but you want everything else.

Where’s the Tool?

In my world, this scenario is a common event. I saw a question on the forum asking if there was some sort of tool that would strip out all of the transactions and leave us with a clean company to take to production. I was hoping there was.

Richard Whaley answered the question succinctly - “Nope”. While I do not have a tool, I do have a ‘starter list’ of things the go-live team performs to prepare the company for production. Some of the things are redundant, but it works and I haven’t spent the time to be precise.

What are the Clearing Steps?

As many of you have learned, there are many more things to change then just clearing out the transaction files. I posted a list I used in a recent implementation for download. It isn’t all encompassing – but it will get you started.

Help me complete the List

It would be nice to develop a more organized list. I invite your comments so that I can continue to improve this. I can see this list becoming a passion for me like the dex.ini switches.

I know this is a pretty rough format, but I hope this can help someone make a cleaner cutover.

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Unknown said...

If you have the luxury to create a new company instead and copy the setup + master records to the new company, it may be better by running the automated solution. It has a copy company feature. tools automated

Unknown said...

Before we start entering the test transactions on the Pilot Company, taking the DYNAMICS & Company DBs' backup would be the best option.

Certain test transactions or processes affect even DYNAMICS DB considerably and that would be painful for us to clean up before moving on to Live.