Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beware the .NET Framework 3.5 sp 1

DEX.DIC version 10.0.320.0 is not compatible with executable version 10.0.324.0

This error came up yesterday while trying to load the 2009 year end update. Going from build 1237 to build 1400 I did not expect any problems (my first error of the day).

This only happened on the new machines, not on the older ones. hmmm.

It turned out that the culprit was .NET Framework 3.5 sp 1. Every machine with 3.5 sp 1 on it threw an error. There was an old machine that I installed 3.51 on just to check, and sure enough, the same error. What to do . . .

I tried a variety of things, but here's what worked for me.

Choice 1 -- Download and install build 324 of Dexterity.

Choice 2 -- Simply copy the files from one of the functioning workstations to the one giving you a problem. You need to go as far as you can with the installation before doing this in order to load the Dex components.

Tomorrow we'll see if the Forms 1099 and W-2 print correctly after all of this effort.

Until next time!

Leslie Vail

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