Monday, February 9, 2009

Problem ascertaining product version

Have you ever launched Dynamics GP Utilities and received the error below?

Error message when you access Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Utilities: "There was a problem ascertaining product version information. Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities will now exit. Check DUinstall.log for more information"

KB article 952054 discusses the error, but doesn't tell you how to fix it. I've had this come up a couple of times. In both cases the client was attempting their own update. Usually they were changing servers or upgrading to SQL 2005 at the same time.

The fix is in. When you are moving your installation of GP, restore the databases FIRST and then install the software. If you do it the other way around you will get this error message and then it's difficult to diagnose.

Remember - databases first, then application.

I hope this helps someone out there in GP-Land.

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Nick said...

Hi Leslie, I'm getting this error message on a new local laptop install using 10_GP_ENUS_FP1_DVD_SP3. Any other ideas?

Dynamics Confessor said...


From which version/service pack are you updating?


Nick said...

This a new install, not an update.

Dynamics Confessor said...

What did the install log tell you? I've modified the du upgrade tables directly to get the right versions. The log is located in the Data folder inside the v 10 folder.

skiilines said...

How do you go about restoring the data base. Is this in SQL? I am new to both SQL, and Dynamics.