Saturday, July 30, 2016

Making a field required on a scrolling window

I learned something today. This issue came from the Dynamics GP Community Forum. A poster was using Modifier to try and make the Posting Description field in the lower scrolling window of the Analysis Posting Detail screen  a required field. She did everything right. Changed the field property to Required, modified the Alternate/Modified Forms and Report information and restarted Dynamics GP. Still, the 'Required' property was not being enforced. What's up?
What was up is that Dynamics didn't check that row to make sure all required fields were completed. It doesn't have to check because none of fields are required by Dynamics GP out of the box. So, if you're trying to make a scrolling window field required and it doesn't seem to work, make sure there is at least one required field on the scrolling line.


raynist said...


I am trying to do this as well. What do you mean make sure there is one required field on the scrolling window? There are non currently on the Requisition Entry window and we are trying to make two of them required. We do this but it still doesn't force them to be required. Since there are no required fields there to start can this never work?

Ray Nist

Dynamics Confessor said...

If there are natively required fields, then Dexterity code includes a check to make sure all of the required fields are filled before it will commit the record. If there are not any native required fields, it's likely that the line of code checking for required fields was not written. Without this script, you cannot use modifier to effectively force another required field. You'll need to use VBA or VS Tools or Dexterity itself to cause this functionality. Dexterity would actually be the easier answer here, in my opinion.
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microsoft dynamics ax said...

Hi! I've just searching something like that, because I had a problem with my Microsoft Dynamics project, but I made a field required on a scrolling window with the help of your blog. Thank you for sharing!