Friday, June 17, 2016

VKonnact - a Fresh Look at Data Integration

I recently looked at a relatively new product on the market for integrating data into Dynamics GP. It's called VKonnact and it uses eConnect for the backend but shields the user from all of the eConnect complexities. While I haven't finished my review yet, what I've seen so far is very interesting. It's more user friendly than other products in the channel and has a user interface that looks nearly identical to the GP windows you are used to seeing. If you are thinking about purchasing an integration solution, definitely give this one a look. More to follow once I finish my review.
Live the dream!


Beat BUCHER said...

Thank you Leslie for presenting another GP integration tool..
I looked at the screen shots and what struck me was the similarity with SmartConnect from eOne :-).. Of course nobody wants to re-invent the wheel and at some point many functions will just look identical.. but up the icons ?

Bob Warren said...


I’m really amazed to see such an expression from a person who is at MVP level. As it is said “Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover”.

- Bob Warren