Thursday, January 26, 2012

Management Reporter 2012 Rocks!


It’s time to put FRx out to pasture and welcome Management Reporter with open arms!

Heretofore I have not been carrying the flag for Management Reporter, but I just saw some stuff today that blows the doors off of what it can do. Management Reporter has come of age!

I’ll be sharing more details as soon as I find out which ones I can share, but there are more features coming that have not been advertised. Stay tuned, Management Reporter 2012 is a must.

It’s so good that it would be worth it to go to Convergence just to learn about Management Reporter 2012. Since its targeted release date is date Q1 2012 – that puts it in prime time for Convergence.

More to come, but just know that so many things you wanted it to do it WILL!

Until next post!


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