Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fargo Tech Conference – Day One, Wednesday

Although we have been here for 3 days, this is officially Day 1 of the Conference.

David Musgrave and MVP Mariano Gomez delivered their first presentation of the conference today. Of course, they were stellar. Who’da thunk you could have this much fun listening to the finer points about a debugging tool! Actually debugging code? You’ve got to be kidding! I thought everyone just used the ‘let’s try this’ approach.

After the conference, about 25 of us braved the cold and walked over to the mall to meet up at Grizzley’s for dinner. OK, from the hotel to the mall was about 300 yds (275 meters), BUT IT’S MINUS 5F OUTSIDE ! (that’s –21C)  and that doesn’t even count the wind chill factor from the 14mph winds! Suffice it to say it was bitterly cold.

I made it across, but there was definitely a taxi in my future if I was expected to walk back. That’s right, a 300 yd taxi ride. Hey, I’m from Texas; we don’t do this kind of thing in Texas. David took a lot of pictures, I imagine some will show up on his blog. I did get a ride back to the hotel, so thankfully, I didn't have to call a cab.

Tomorrow is the 2nd presentation by the Dynamics Duo. That also means that tomorrow night is the Expo. David will undoubtedly instigate a Tim Tam Slam competition. What’s a Tim Tam Slam you say? Read on  . . .

Tim Tam Slam Instructions

Things You'll Need:
  • Tim Tams
  • Milk, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee
  • Sweet alcoholic beverage (optional)
  • Cup
  • Camera!
    Get hold of a Tim Tam! This may be easier said than done if you're outside Australia or New Zealand, but trust me - they're worth the effort. If you don't have friends willing to ship you these goodies, you can get some here:
  2. Bite two of the four corners off your Tim Tam. You'll want to pick two corners that are diagonal to each other, lengthwise.
    Put one of the short ends of your Tim Tam into a glass of milk, coffee, hot chocolate, tea or Baileys, and then suck inward, like you're using the cookie (biscuit) as a straw. Once the liquid touches your tongue, shove the whole thing in your mouth (the Slam!) or it will collapse and make a huge mess.
While you are buying your Tim Tam’s, pick up some chocolate Chicos

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