Sunday, January 9, 2011

Check those 1099s! You may have more than you bargained for!

Version 10 introduced ‘date sensitive’ 1099 reporting. This allowed us to print 1099s for a year without regard to the actual closing date for that year. Prior to this, if you didn’t close A/P right at the year end, it was not possible to cut off payables for the purpose of accumulating 1099 amounts.

The introduction of this new feature brought with it a new ‘gotcha’ in the world of 1099 reporting. If you have a vendor incorrectly marked as a 1099 vendor during the year (and amounts are paid to the vendor in excess of the thresholds), a 1099 will be issued for that vendor even after you change the setting to ‘Not a 1099 Vendor’. In order to prevent the Form 1099 from printing, you need to zero out all of the 1099 amounts recorded in the 1099 Details window. (Purchasing Area Page > Cards Content Pane >1099 Details.)

In order to see the 1099 Details for a vendor, first mark them as a 1099 vendor. After the vendor is marked, remove any amounts from the 1099 Amount column in the 1099 Details window. Don’t forget to reset the 1099 option after clearing out the balances. Once the balances are cleared, the 1099 will no longer print for this vendor. Marking the vendor as ‘Not a 1099 Vendor’ is no longer sufficient to cause the 1099 not to print.

This was an issue in version 10 and continues to be an issue with version 2010.

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